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Beauty Medic, Nomad and Gourmand: The Trends Impacting Beauty

By: Gattefossé
Posted: October 16, 2012, from the November 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

According to ingredient supplier Gattefossé, staying on top of what consumers want and what they will want, even when they may not know it yet, is the lifeblood of the beauty industry. The company annually charges a dedicated team to identify global trends for the coming year and to create a package of presentations and prototypes that allow the trends to be shared with the industry to further efforts to create products that meet needs today and the demands of the consumer tomorrow. 

Continuing its look at the key market trends that it sees as playing a growing role in beauty over the next year and beyond, Gattefossé  developed three cosmetic market trends in 2012: Beauty Medic, Nomad and Gourmand.

Beauty Medic

As the quest for a younger look continues to drive American women, a growing number of products and services are catering to this market. What began as the dermatologists' domain has quickly spread to spas and beauty. In fact, today, there are roughly 26,000 medispas in the U.S., combining traditional spa wellness with anti-aging techniques and medicine.

But, with this drive for youth, there still lingers a fear of invasive procedures and a desire for cost-effective solutions. For this reason, consumers are seeking dramatic anti-aging results not just from cosmetic surgery but from cosmetic products as well. They are becoming more and more demanding, and want to see evidence that the products work.

The Beauty Medic trend is fueled by this consumer. It's a trend driven by brands capitalizing on advanced research in biochemistry and medicine to create higher-tech, highly innovative beauty products that push the efficacy of cosmetics further than ever before.

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