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Sniffing Out Trends

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 5, 2007

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“Arylessence knows sound and insightful market intelligence will greatly enhance any product developer’s opportunity to succeed in the marketplace,” said Burns. “Knowledge regarding the competitive landscape is critical—without it, it is difficult to establish a winning point of difference. Isolating gaps and opportunities within lifestyle trend positioning can only be done with extensive market review. We accurately forecast fragrance and flavor trends at least two years out.”

Forecasting and Lifespan of Trends
The research, however, begins by looking into color trend. The company states that color trends are very reflective of lifestyle trends due to the psychological connection color makes. In addition, many prominent lifestyle trends are communicated through distinctive color trends.

“Think about the prominence of the color green in the marketplace today, in a variety of shades and tones. This color trend reflects the significance of nature-inspired and health and well-being lifestyles trends, which, by the way, have an extremely long trend cycle, extending over an indefinite period of time,” said Burns. “The presence of blue is also very important, highlighting a global focus on clean natural resources, such as water and the air that we breathe. What changes with color trends is that the tonality distinction of trends and different colors will cycle through as lead colors in the marketplace.”

The lifecycle of the trends in the report is several years, as the company focuses on what it sees as enduring trends, not fads.

“Arylessence recognizes the benefit of a fad for clients that are extremely responsive and have a quick product development cycle; we can and do help with fads as well. However, our main focus is translating enduring trends with winning fragrance connections,” said Burns.