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Safety First for Baby Skin Care

Posted: April 2, 2007

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“The overriding concern for any ingredient being used in the baby skin care market is safety,” said Infusino. Consumers are looking for brands that demonstrate a concern for safety and manifest it through extensive testing. “Children and babies have a higher surface to volume ratio, so the amount of absorption of product through the skin and into the bloodstream is higher. Therefore, the quality and safety of the ingredients used is that much more important,” said Geary.

As a result, a brand entering this market must make educating the consumer about its philosophy and product line a key part of its marketing strategy. “When parents purchase any product for their baby, safety is their top concern, along with efficacy, as we all want products that perform well,” said Infusino.

Ease and Education

At the point-of-purchase, brands need to create a simple system for consumers to locate the appropriate products for their children’s skin needs. “For baby skin care, helping new parents find and use appropriate products quickly and easily is key. The Mustela line is color coded, unifying all Daily Hygiene, Bath Time, Skin Protection, Diaper Change and Sun Protection lines according to the color found on each package. These groupings are maintained at point-of-purchase so parents can find what they need in an instant,” said Infusino.

Adult consumers choose products differently for themselves than for their children. Often, what draws them to the product may be the packaging or a gift with purchase. Their choice may have little to do with the product itself. “At point-of-purchase, for parents, what’s most important about skin care products for their baby is communication. What is the product for and, in some cases, why is the product needed?” said Infusino.

Parents expect this education to continue at the point-of-purchase, and will gravitate toward companies that provide educational information, safe and effective products and  skin care advice. Point-of-purchase education goes beyond in-store retail to include Internet shopping sites. Johnson & Johnson’s Web site includes tips for new parents on a variety of concerns, including sleeping through the night and skin care. Mustela USA offers expert advice for new parents regarding skin care both during and after pregnancy. vedaPure provides a blog, newsletter and advice from Geary. Additionally, these sites serve as points-of-purchase for customers. “Growth in the category will come from better informed parents who will select products that meet the special needs of their baby’s skin,” said Infusino.