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Men’s Skin Care Requires Different Fragrance Approach

By: Nancy C. Hayden
Posted: November 19, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Some years ago, Unilever’s Axe line made a huge splash with its powerful spicy, woody, fougere fragrance. It was promoted on college campuses with samples of aftershave, talc, deodorant and soap, with the fragrance reinforcing the function of the products. Unilever is said to be launching a new Axe fragrance that is toned down with cleaner, fresher citrus notes.

As men’s care continues to evolve, approaches to fragrancing these products surely will as well, but it remains clear that subtlety and reinforcement of product function take priority in men’s care.

Nancy C. Hayden is a chemist and a pharmacist with more than 30 years in the fragrance industry. She worked as a nose for Jovan from the company’s beginnings and as fragrance director for Jovan Beecham until 1988. Currently, she is a consultant to the fragrance and cosmetics industries.