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Case Study: Attracting Male Consumers on a Global Level

By: Justin Bullock
Posted: April 2, 2013, from the June 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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This sets Dreadnought apart and appeals to the man with a cheekier sense of humor. The brand also recognizes that most current grooming brands are very serious, which can put consumers off. Therefore, Dreadnought created its style to be less imposing, setting up a playful dialogue and helping to eradicate any stigmas still attached to men's grooming.

Offering Effectiveness

Dreadnought also knew it had to separate itself from the existing grooming brands on the market not only in terms of branding and packaging, but also through the products themselves. The developers searched many suppliers and asked them to offer something unique, and eventually that work paid offer when they were presented with Decelerine, which perfectly matched with the Dreadnought ethos.

Decelerine is an ingredient that combats razor burn, rash, bumps and ingrown hairs by creating a rich lather that provides excellent cushion. It also can reduce the appearance of hair growth and has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Dreadnought’s end user, who the brand describes as someone who suffers from being extremely hirsute and shaves daily, would need something with all these properties.

Additionally, Dreadnought features a signature scent in its product that helps further the branding of the products.The scent is based on the smell of a traditional British barbershop, with Sicilian bergamot and Ligurian basil to offer a sharp, fresh and clean fragrance widely associated with age-old establishments in the U.K.

Keeping Connected

Also, the brand finds it important that the consumer journey does not end with just a purchase of Dreadnought product, as the rise in wet shaving also often mirrors a quest for further knowledge. Switching from a cartridge razor to a double edge requires some training, and it is the same with using a cream and creating the best possible lather. When people make the switch, they are looking for a brand that not only delivers but also aids the transition.

The Dreadnought website comes with many articles on achieving the perfect shave, and with its strong social media presence, the brand also strives to pick up on and answer any questions consumers might have. It works to continuously interact with customers, retailers and fellow male grooming brands through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well, all in an effort to help serve up the best possible shave for Dreadnought customers. And consumers and retailers can rest assured, Dreadnought is on hand to help.

Justin Bullock is the marketing and public relations manager with Dreadnought and The Bluebeards Revenge.