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Pet Care's New Pedigree

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: November 4, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

Professional and mass beauty brands are expanding into the pet care segment.

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Pet supplements represent another emerging segment of the pet care category, according to Nutraceuticals World, “Selling Pet Wellness,” March 2008. The National Animal Supplement Council estimates the worth of the pet supplements market at $1.3 billion. With pets living longer, manufacturers are producing supplements to address age-specific issues such as skin and coat health, eye health and joint health. Currently, the Simmons Research Bureau reports that 17% of dog or cat owners give their pets supplements on a consistent basis.

As for air care, Procter & Gamble further ventured into the pet segment in early 2008 with its launch of a complete Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator line, including Febreze Fabric Refresher, Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator, Febreze Candles Pet Odor Eliminator and Febreze Noticeables Pet Odor Eliminator (a plug-in oil). According to Rachel Drof, assistant brand manager at Febreze, 56% of Febreze users already have a dog or cat. “Pet odors are viewed by consumers as that kind of torture test. People love their animals, but they don’t want guests to come to their home and immediately smell them, so that led us down this path,” Drof says. “We formulated Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator to particularly fight fatty acid-based odors, such as the ones pets produce. It’s a great opportunity to provide our consumers with multiple solutions to keeping their homes fresh.”

Looking to the Future

Whether pet bath and body line extensions suit customers’ needs, or extensions into pet air care, nutricosmetics or fashion-forward fragrances spark brand interest, the pet care segment holds a promising future in the global beauty industry.

The Pet Care Trust, based in the U.K., foresees that manufacturers from all industries—not just personal care—who branch into the pet care segment by focusing on health and wellness, will determine the future of the segment. The Pet Care Trust also predicts that retailers such as Tesco, which offers pet insurance, in addition to future retailers offering services such as pet boarding, microchipping or animal matchmaking, will continue to grow their businesses.

For more information on growing opportunities in the pet care market, read GCI magazine’s November interview with Elaine Binder, president and co-founder, Spongeables LLC, regarding the company’s launch of the Haute Dog Bath Buffer—a spa in a sponge for dogs.