South Korean Cosmetic Exports Grow

South Korean Cosmetic Exports Grow

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According to Asia Pulse news, South Korean cosmetics exports to Asia, especially to Chinese-speaking nations, increased sharply in 2005. South Korea exported $222.2 million in cosmetics last year (excluding perfumes and bath products), up 35.6% from 2004. China was the largest importer of South Korean cosmetics, with $62.73 million in imports.


Taiwan's imports from South Korea increased 157.4% from a year earlier to $33.45 million, and Japan's imports of South Korean cosmetics totaled $29.79 million, up 32.8%. Hong Kong's imports reportedly gained 69.6% to $25.42 million in 2005, while Singapore's imports were up 73.8% to $7.63 million. Exports to Vietnam were $6.69 million.

South Korea's exports of cosmetics to the United States dropped 16.3% to $26.09 million. The nation's imports of such products reached $418.39 million, up 10.6% percent from the previous year. France was the largest exporter to South Korea, followed by the U.S. and Japan.

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