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Latin Beat: Brazil and Argentina Reach Regulatory Agreement

By: Cristina Kroll
Posted: December 1, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Issue already features the mass sun care brand Villeneuve in its portfolio, and the addition of Banana Boat will allow the company to gain position in mass and premium markets during the 2009 summer season, which begins as early as December.

Meanwhile, Grupo Andino, which already distributes sun care brand Sunny Day, looks to add leverage with additional brand additions in 2010.

Other strong competitors in the Argentine sun care market included Bagó Laboratories’ Bagóvit brand and Dermaglós from Andrómaco Laboratories.

Men’s Cosmetics Up

According to a study by IFOP on behalf of L’Oreál’s Biotherm Homme brand, 40% of Argentine men age 25–55 use premium cosmetic products frequently. In addition, 60% of study respondents use a cosmetic product, and 20% use antiwrinkle products. Currently, the segment represents 22% of Biotherm’s consumers, up from 7% in 2004.

Derm Brand Launches

Belgian company André Masy will introduce its Seaderm skin care line to Uruguay and Argentina in March 2009, retailed through drugstore channels.

Belgium’s Prince Philipe, André Masy (company founder) and Laura Santiso (recently appointed president of André Masy) met with a business delegation at a launch event in Buenos Aires’ National Museum of Decorative Art in October.

Santiso told GCI magazine that Seaderm is being positioned to compete with lines from L’Oréal and Pierre Fabre in the dermocosmetic segment.

Cristina Kroll is a business journalist specializing in the beauty sector and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has written for the main Argentine magazines related to the beauty business, and was a correspondent for French magazine Beauty Business News.