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In My Opinion: Molto Bella—Italian Beauty

By: Mary Wieder
Posted: November 8, 2007, from the November 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In Rome, I realized that the combination of history and tradition help shape who Europeans are. Inspiration for beauty can be drawn from the past. Off the famous Piazza di Spagna lies the most famous shopping street in Rome, Via Condotti, which hosts Valentino, Zara and Yves St. Laurent among other top companies. As a marketer, I kept the weight and influence of the past in mind, since Europeans do not necessarily like all that is new, and these experiences helped me understand trends and general attitudes toward consumerism. More importantly, I was able to return to the U.S. with my own definition of beauty greatly enhanced.
This new definition is one I can apply to my industry and business in general. Beauty is about taking the products we put on our face, our skin or in our hair and generating a feeling of comfort. Beauty is about defining personality and being confident enough to show it. Beauty is about taking risks and feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. Beauty is about acknowledging our history and traditions and incorporating them into who we are today. Beauty is about taking the time to appreciate little things.
Beauty is more than a product, and it allows everyone to create a personal beauty definition.

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