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The Age of Antiaging—A 360-degree View

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: August 31, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Even more interesting? Women’s roller coaster “love myself/hate myself” ride is starting early. Women in their 20s are willing to pay a premium for skin care with antiaging benefits (35%), and purchasing antiaging products was the number one thing almost half of all women did when they first noticed the signs of aging on their faces or bodies. Regardless of their acceptance of getting older, women want to feel and look beautiful, and, as a whole, they are keenly interested in minimizing the effects of aging through antiaging skin care. Give them a product that lets them feel as beautiful as they are yet also answer their cravings for antiaging benefits, and you will gain their loyalty.

Not So-so, Oh-so!

Women feel most beautiful in their 30s. Forget worrying about middle-age; women in their 30s are empowered, educated and feel gorgeous, and they’re getting down-to-business with their antiaging routine. In fact, 52% of women began purchasing antiaging products during this decade. In addition, women in their 30s are also the biggest users of sunscreen products, with 47% using sunscreen daily and 86% using products that contain SPF. They’re also savvy. This age group shops for beauty products online more often (39%) than other age groups and is most willing to pay a premium for them.

Women in their 30s have a healthy sense of beauty adventure that makes them more open to alternative procedures to look young. They are willing to consider options ranging from injectables to brow lifts more than any other age group. They recommend beauty products (44%) to others often, and 35% in their age group say that friends and family tend to ask them for advice on skin care or makeup. Win the brand loyalty of influential, 30-something women at their antiaging product entry point, and the rewards can be great.


Did you update your Facebook page today? Well if you want to keep up with her, you should. Social media and the Internet are beauty’s new frontier. While sales at bricks- and-mortar retail stores continue to slump, online marketing and sales opportunities are skyrocketing with good reason: That’s where these consumers are. Nearly 70% of women have a Facebook page, and 18% are using Twitter. Additionally, a third of all women say they’ve watched online videos about beauty products or procedures and to get beauty tips, while 57% regularly visit beauty websites, beauty brand sites (47%), YouTube (36%) or Facebook (25%) for product information.

In the past year, more than a third of all women (35%) say they’ve purchased skin care products online, with 79% buying at the same or higher levels than a year ago—even through a recession. Women of all ages are using social media and the Internet to gather information about antiaging products and to buy them. Beauty brands absolutely must be part of the online conversation by offering compelling online content and engaging user activities and education or they will be left behind.