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The New Face of Beautiful Aging

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: January 8, 2007, from the January 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.
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Science, philosophy and evolution have ushered in a new and long overdue perspective on aging. Considering the size of the baby boomer market, the influences of cultural diversity and the predictable power of a historically momentous generation to effect change, is it any wonder perspectives are shifting? It has been said “50 is the new 30,” and ad man Donny Deutsch (The Big Idea, November 10, 2006) has said, “Take age off the table and extend your brand.” This implies that the future is the focus—don’t look back. Taking that sentiment at face value, clearly the face of aging is being redefined, and today’s beauty marketers, at the center of this story, are partially responsible.

The power of the particular demographic around which the entire antiaging category centers cannot be underestimated. Characteristically, the boomer generation hasn’t remained silent and demure about anything, and aging skin, less than perfectly taut and toned bodies as well as graying manes cannot reduce this segment of the population to invisibility. One glance at the movers and shakers in the beauty industry finds incredibly talented, frequently seasoned professionals at the helm. And while the silver screen may be largely inhabited by ingénues, icons of Hollywood, politics, theater, music, art and literature are increasingly those whose beauty exemplifies lives well-lived.

Worldwide, the forecast market for antiaging and nourishing products in the year 2010, is expected to be $15.8 billion. The current world figure for antiagers and nourishers is $11.3 billion (as of 2005), not an insignificant sum. An evolved approach to tapping into this demographic is stirring the imaginations of marketers and stimulating consumer spending.

Media Offers the Message
More magazine has featured Susan Sarandon, looking fabulous at 59, and Sharon Stone, “Fiery at 48,” on its cover—providing a defining perspective on a generation of women who are empowered, confident and resourceful. Lois Joy Johnson, beauty and fashion director, More, offered these insights into the new face of beauty.