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The New Age of Antiaging

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: August 11, 2009, from the August 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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GCI: How do you communicate the benefits of your products to consumers who are becoming both savvier about ingredients/claims and have the choice of so many new and evolving products and ingredients?

Allyson Owens: We provide informational sheets showing our ingredient list, our key performance ingredients and percentages used of these ingredients. We also take before-and-after pictures, which is the real proof.

Frank Massino: All Senetek products that are or will be introduced to the physician and consumer market must be advancements and have differential advantages over the existing treatments available. Every product or SKU undergoes significant controlled clinical trials in humans for both safety and efficacy. For example, in regards to safety, each Senetek product is tested for human chromosome aberration, mutagenicity and dermal irritation ... undergoing every test that is required by the FDA for a prescription product, and our testing is animal-free. Then for safety, extensive cell culture work is done for identifying biological activity and then goes before an IRB at a noted university with a well-known department of dermatology for live controlled clinical trials at the university clinic under the guidance of a board-certified dermatologist. During the clinical trial, blood work is done periodically, silicone profilometry and a sort of facial mapping is done—in addition, concrete, computerized specific measurements such as the amount of moisture being retained or loss through the skin barrier, are taken. Senetek is on the leading edge of testing and we are now just beginning to get this message out through conventional media such as print, as well as focusing on new media such as the Internet. We are actively reporting on the excellent clinical findings that physicians have found with our products.

Ada Polla: We have recently invested more in clinical studies, performed by independent labs and based on quantitative (not qualitative) results. While skin care is about magic, dreams and emotions, consumers will more readily try new products if the claims are backed up by data. Mystery, backed by facts …

GCI: How do you stay abreast on ingredient/technology advances and make decisions about any new ingredients/technologies? What do you first evaluate, an ingredient’s function or how it elevates your brand story/image?