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Mar 23, 2016 | 01:45 PM CDT

Find Time to Unwind with Ear Candling

Wally's Natural

Wally’s Natural Soothing and Calming Collection take ear candles to a new level. The products in this collection help energize the body, while also focusing on finding balance and calming muscles.

Mar 03, 2016 | 04:12 PM CST

Feel Squeaky Clean with Body Lotion

Out of The Shower Body Lotion

Project Beauty’s Out of The Shower Body Lotion leaves skin feeling clean and fresh, while improving tone and texture.

Feb 04, 2016 | 11:16 AM CST

Cosmoprof Encourages You to 'Discover Green'

Cosmoprof North America debuted its 'Discover Green' program, which will be a part of the annual event in Las Vegas.

Jan 27, 2016 | 11:00 AM CST

Whipped Belly Butter Combats Stretch Marks

Boppy Bloom Whipped Belly Butter

The makers of the original nursing pillow are now branching out with their own skin care line. New whipped belly butter features coconut oil, vitamin E and other ingredients.

Jan 26, 2016 | 11:38 AM CST

Sense Long-Lasting Hydrating Intensity


Uni K Wax’s ANANDA HYDRA INTENSE helps hydrate, heal and protect the skin for up to 24 hours.

Jan 15, 2016 | 01:29 PM CST

Nailing Inspiration for Nails

Nail polishes

With 38 new shades, Target is launching a new nail care collection, defy & INSPIRE.

Jan 15, 2016 | 10:29 AM CST

Old Spice Gets Nice With Hardest Working Collection

Hardest Working Collection

Old Spice is introducing a new product line, Hardest Working Collection, which offers Old Spice antiperspirants and body washes.

Dec 18, 2015 | 01:04 PM CST

Gift Sets Offer Easy Gifting Options

Delectable Gift Sets

Delectable introduces three gift sets: Merry Making, All Aglow! and Good for Goodness Sake. Ingredient highlights include coconut oil, free of parabens and more.

Nov 13, 2015 | 12:51 PM CST

Adovia Provides Acne Solution with Dead Sea Mud Soap

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap is a must-have for acne-prone skin, removing dirt and cleansing skin, while simultaneously infusing it with minerals essential to keeping skin hydrated and moisturized.

Oct 22, 2015 | 01:20 PM CDT

Soothing Moisturizing Balm by Mustela Maternity

Soothing Moisturizing Balm by Mustela Maternity

This soothing, anti-itching balm leaves skin moisturized and helps reduce sensations of tightness and itchiness for a soft and supple feeling.