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Home Scent Diffusion

Posted: October 2, 2007

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Stone Scents, a company that deals in scented stones, uses sea salt blended with essential oils to create its product. Refresher oils are provided to increase the longevity of the fragrance, addressing a key concern for consumers who want the product’s appearance and scent to last over a period of time.

“In addition to the growth of non-burning fragrance vehicles, one of the most important trends in the home fragrance category is the green movement. Recyclable packaging, less packaging, organic and sustainable ingredients ... our clients are sensitive to all of these product aspects in a new way,” said Belasco. “The consumer is highly aware of environmental issues and marketers are rushing to meet their requirements.”

For example, as fragrance vehicles, scented stones and diffusers are highlighting this growing trend. Natural and organic ingredients and products are increasing in demand through all distribution channels. While natural is still plagued with a variety of definitions, Belasco believes that the consumers are likely to spend more if they believe the product is natural. Refresher oils for potpourri and scented stones reflect this green movement, giving consumers the option to reuse these items, while at the same time, highlighting their natural aspects, such as wooden reeds or crystal stones.

Manufacturers, noting the trend, are producing scented products with limited or reusable packaging. Currently driving the category’s growth overall is the diffuser, particularly reed diffusers, that combine the unattended fragrance with natural ambience.

Driving Growth

Fragrance diffusers are predicted to become the largest segment of the category by 2010. The rage for reed diffusers is due in part to the natural aesthetics of essential oils, as well as limited packaging. “Fragrance diffusers continue to enjoy double-digit sale increases in all channels of distribution and that trend is expected to continue for at least four years,” said Belasco. Diffusers and scented stones, with refresher oils that increase their life cycle, appeal to the sense of ambience within the home.