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Home Fragrance Innovates

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: August 26, 2008, from the October 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Hence, dual function is a definite trend in the marketplace, with reed diffusers, bamboo sticks, and eco-friendly and natural materials as popular trend forms. “Home fragrance has two aspects, one is for problem solution and another is for ambiance. However, the two mediums are beginning to blend. Glade Air Infusions, for example, has aesthetic appeal as well as function; and candles are starting to include odor-eliminating properties,” said Daneshvari, citing Febreze by P&G, as well as Oust, by SC Johnson, as examples.

Regarding the future, fresh fragrance will be a strong performer. “We’re seeking water fresh fragrances through fruits, flowers, and herbs that are hydroponically grown, and therefore exclude any influences that are found in the soil. This results in the most pure, fresh and clean fragrances,” she added.

The strongest trend areas she cited were freshness and fragrances reminiscent of indulgent, decadent pleasures. “We also see inspiration from the world of flavors, like juicy tropicals, watery fruits, zesty citruses and rich berries. In terms of fruit trends, there’s a trend toward healthy fruits, including blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate and acai berry, rich in antioxidants,” she said. Trends from flavors to health and wellness have made their way to both fine fragrance and home fragrance, providing a wide variety of choices.

While consumers find unusual and culturally resonant fragrance options, perfumers and marketing professionals stay on-trend with ingredient selections, sourcing and the emotional stories they convey. According to Greg Weiss and Dave Niemera, perfumers with Firmenich, “There are several key factors considered in creating an air care fragrance. Primary importance is client and consumer knowledge. For example, for Yankee Candle, it is important to understand the Yankee consumer in terms of their expectations from a fragrance standpoint. In Yankee’s case, there’s an expectation of comfort and warmth across all their fragrances. For other clients, the expectation might be a literal translation of the fragrance name with high impact. So, creative development needs to translate these consumer expectations to the client across all fragrances.”

Technical construction is also important, as the fragrance must perform in synchronization with the technical application of the product, like a liquid electrical plug-in, a non-electric gel diffuser or an aerosol. “Evaporation rates of various components are considered, and compatibility of fragrance components with packaging components is also an important consideration. Duration of fragrance performance must be taken into account to meet specific product claims, as well,” added Weiss and Niemera.

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