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The New Alchemy of Multitasking Makeup

By: Emily Katz
Posted: July 13, 2011, from the July 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“[Combining color and skin benefits] is becoming a research and development necessity and is already a consumer demand with significant point-of-product differentiation,” explains Casi Morris, owner and principle of Casi Morris Consulting, a Los Angeles-based independent consultant, developer and formulator of skin care and beauty products. “The economy has placed a burden on most Americans’ spending, so consumers have chosen to cut back on nonessential personal care products, such as eye shadows, primers and illuminators and spend on items that necessitate a critical part of their daily regimen.”

This trend has been in effect for a number of years and is steadily taking over what could now be construed as commonplace makeup. “It started 10 years ago with an emphasis on anti-aging in beauty; with all the potions and serums available, it is only natural that color would want a piece of the pie. Pure color is a hard sell these days, but I really believe that skin care benefits should only enter into it when it makes sense,” explains Cristina Bartolucci, vice president of innovation at Roberts Cosmetics and co-founder of DuWop Cosmetics. And it isn’t just lipstick.

Foundation sales have been as recession-proof as lipstick this time around, even though lipstick has historically been the benchmark of sales in a bad economy. Now, with foundations that offer additional benefits, they are working to become a leader in international sales. This is due in great part to skin care benefits that consumers desire, derived from active anti-aging and skin-enhancing ingredients.

What Consumers Seek

Brand owners often come up against consumer expectations and concerns, including how consumers can get the most impact for their dollar and how they can minimize the amount of time they’re spending on skin care and makeup while still achieving an excellent result. Because of these concerns, the economic aspect that one product covers an array of results that once involved an entire skin care regimen is very appealing. These products can be very effective, but be conscious of the language and marketing approach you take, as some products are more temporary while others take a more cosmeceutical approach.

Foundations and lipsticks have been the forerunning products that include additional benefits, and now eye color products are taking on the hybridization, as well. The majority of these hybrid products address anti-aging, and it is becoming more and more important companies substantiate their claims of efficacy with clinical trials. Following is information on a variety of makeup types and their common additional benefits.