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Revealing the Secret of Beauty—It's Elementary

By: Mintel Oxygen Reports
Posted: January 3, 2012

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This Mintel trend concentrates on products that promise to deliver oxygen to the skin cells, going beyond more generalized claims of improving oxygenation. The use of oxygen in delivery systems was started by premium facial skin care brands in the U.S., Europe and Asia, but has now been taken up by masstige and mass market brands, recently migrating from facial skin care to body care products.

Similarly, oxygen-related claims are also on the move. The latest oxygen-related claims refer to combating the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS), improving the energy of cutaneous tissues, lasting storage of oxygen in the deeper layers for controlled energy release, and increasing elasticity, skin brightness and youthfulness.

Lancer, for example, has introduced Cleanse Extremely Pure Cleanser and Nourish Am/Pm Nourishment Cream, a gentle foaming cleanser and anti-aging treatment that feature the company’s CRT Oxygen Technology Liposome complex. This is said to help provide oxygenation to the skin cells, while preventing ROS. Pupa’s Reshaping Salt Scrub, meanwhile, contains active energy to provide energy to the cutaneous tissues.

Oxygen claims are also showing up in growing numbers in color cosmetics. In contrast with skin care, brands in the makeup space are largely mass market. Bourjois, for example, has incorporated oxygen-rich chorophyll into its Bio Détox Perfecting Powder and Foundation. The company says this delivers oxygen to enhance the complexion and filter out pollution. The baton has also been taken up by Oriflame, whose Oxygen Boost Foundation claims to revitalize and brighten the complexion thanks to oxygenating brown algae, while Rimmel’s Match Perfection contains an oxygen complex that is said to let the skin breathe.

Finally, in contrast, the use of oxygen in hair care products appears to have plateaued. The claim is used primarily in treatments that claim to help minimize hair loss. Russian direct sales company Faberlic’s Oxygen Repair Hair Serum contains the Novaftem-O2 complex that features in its skin care products. Here, it claims to strengthen the hair roots and oxygenate the bulb.