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Color Trends for 2013 and Beyond

By: Doug Thornley, Impact Colors
Posted: March 29, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

It used to be that trends originated almost exclusively from famous people, entertainers, celebrities, or fashion icons. While these are still very strong influences, color trend-setting today is definitely a two-way street.

With social media and the Internet making fresh ideas and images global in minutes, trends that originate with individuals in Barcelona, Tokyo or New York can carry originality and creativity from the real world to the runway and stage.

In this blended real-time world of high and low fashion, Impact Colors foresees 2013 and beyond as an arresting time of contradiction—contradiction in the influencers of trends and contradictions in the way color will be used to enhance beauty and individuality.

Classical Colors—Trendy and Cool

Red and black—the timeless standards for color cosmetics—will always be part of the color pallet in any season or year. But different and additional things will continue to happen; interpretations will not be standard.

Certainly bright, deep beautiful red lips will be here. But we will also see red in unexpected places, for example in eye shadow and eyeliner. Seek out deep, chromatic blue-reds to mix with pearlescent pigments to create deep metallic reds, an important differentiation in the red theme.

Regulations, Stability, Color Aesthetics, and Economics.

Coloring the Cosmetic World: Using Pigments in Decorative Cosmetic Formulations covers the four dimensions to selecting colors for cosmetics. Take note of the chapter on color stability which describes the various colorants you will use in your product and includes a chart listing compatibility of colorants with a number of solvents. Photos rendered in full masstone color!

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