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Spring is in the Air

Posted: March 31, 2008

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Other colors that are showing up on the lids are also encouraging the sunny disposition of spring and summer. “More gold and yellow is being introduced for the eyes,” says Laura Craig, a licensed esthetician and makeup artist with von Natur, and Bosley agrees, noting, “An edgy palette exists that gives a wave of freshness, such as shades in golden coral, jade, steel blue and bronzy browns that work great in the spring’s sunlight.”

Bosley also notes the inclusion of a myriad of other spring standbys. “Soft, shimmering silvery taupe and lavender eye shadow in lilac and purple palettes—flirting with these soft shades shows the romantic side of a woman, and they are becoming new basics,” she says.

Of course, for those looking to add some drama to their makeup via the eyes, a sexy signature look from autumn is still sticking around. “We’re keeping that smoky eye leftover from the fall, as well as a lot of liquid liner,” says Taubman-Walker. “There’s a mix of that smoky look and color; a soft, transparent, matte eye shadow in shades such as toast, peachy pink and rich chocolate brown.”

To make the smoky look more wearable for spring, Eiseman recommends using the season’s newer hues to create a more warm weather-friendly face. “We will continue to see that kind of smudge with a lighter or a more mid-tone color for the spring,” she says. “It won’t be using as much of the darks, but the whole idea is about being very creative on face, so it’s used in a stipple effect.”

And creating a liner look to match gives the eyes an unequivocal boost. “Though the eye really didn’t change that much, there is a little bit more aggression in lining, moving from a fine line to heavy, thick liquid, and enhancing the eye using color in eye pencils,” explains Taubman-Walker. “You can use a white eye pencil to open up the inside of the eye, and the wearability of it is just great—you can use it the same way as you use kohl.”