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Spring is in the Air

Posted: March 31, 2008

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Watch out for heaping too much makeup on too many of the face’s features, however. Taubman-Walker warns, “If you are going to see shimmer, its going to be on the eyes, lips or cheeks. You need to choose the area you really want to highlight, otherwise it can look like you went overboard, and it’s almost robotic.”

The idea remains to keep things simple and fun for spring. “Even with the strong lip, you don’t have to think overdramatic ’80s,” says Corey. “Everything is simpler—white can just make the eye area bright, the cheeks can have a soft pink, and you can still have the rich lips—everything is just pretty.”

A Springtime Glow

To complete the full flush of this fresh, springtime look, hints of color on the cheeks should be all you need. “We aren’t seeing too much of that tanned look yet, so keep skin as soft and pale as you can for awhile,” says Taubman-Walker. “Take yourself into summer with color first.”

“Cheek colors are nice and dewy—more of the natural look,” agrees Craig. “It’s not a definite color, but it’s also not that tan shimmer. There’s just a kiss of a blush; it’s a clean, fresh complexion.” To achieve the perfect hint of a hue, Bosley recommends beige-y bronze cheeks for a softer, more natural look, or a bold raspberry pink for those that are feeling daring.

However, one of the highlights of this spring’s makeup is allowing the skin to stand out. “The look is not too bronzed up yet—it’s a little fresher and a little softer for a more luminous appearance,” says Corey, and this fresh-faced application works best with natural undertones. “With all skin tones, no matter what ethnicity, peach, pink, bronze or gold hues can be found,” says Wiebelt. So playing up that natural coloring helps make for an incredible complexion.