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Spring is in the Air

Posted: March 31, 2008

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To really make the eye and lip colors look their best, Wiebelt also recommends a matte touch. “It’s not a completely bone-dry finish, but it’s definitely more on the matte side with soft focus sheen,” he says. “To prepare the canvas for an accent of bright color, the complexion should be neutralized.”

Of course, having beautiful, luminous skin can require special care all its own. “Good skin care is good makeup,” says Corey. “Part of this look is having beautiful skin, so there needs to be a good regimen to have balance for the face. Plump, fresh skin is the big thing right now—it’s pretty, not overly done and not mask-y at all.”

“Make sure the skin is properly prepped,” says Wiebelt. “When you wear a more matte finish, it can sometimes emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, so being hydrated is key.” Craig also indicates the need for skin to be well-prepared, saying, “I definitely think exfoliation, and a serum or moisturizer is necessary to get skin ready. It should always be smooth beneath makeup, otherwise the makeup won’t look natural.”

Bosley echoes them both, touting the need for feature-specific primers. “These primers smooth skin’s texture and add staying power to foundations,” she says. “There are also primers made especially for application under eye shadow for longer-lasting and stronger pigment, as well as lip fixatives to add staying power for lipsticks.”

The Woman Makes the Makeup

Finding an individual’s distinct look in all these bright, vital colors may seem like a challenge for the season, but it doesn’t have to be. “Fashion is fun and expressive, but may not be realistic for all—that’s always the challenge with incorporating a trend,” says Wiebelt. “The best way to wear anything that’s bright is to pair it with something that’s neutral. So these colors will be used more as accessories, similar to a pair of bright pink shoes, a vibrant scarf or an orange handbag.”