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All in the Family: 29 Cosmetics Launches Grape Seed Age Protection

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: August 5, 2008, from the August 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.
Anita Wilbanks and Lydia Mondavi, 29 Cosmetics

Anita Wilbanks and Lydia Mondavi, 29 Cosmetics

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Lydia Mondavi: Grape seeds are removed from the winery after the wine is pressed and placed into the barrels. We are using crushed grape seeds, grape seed extract and grape seed oil. We are also using the pomace and the grape skins in spa treatments, as well.

GCI: How important is the grape recycling aspect of this process, and how did you determine this solution?

Lydia Mondavi: It is wonderful because it is so eco-friendly. We are able to utilize every aspect of the winemaking process to create an amazing and beneficial cosmetic line for age protection to fight against free radical damage…. We’re always thinking about sustainability. Even stems get turned into mulch.

GCI: Is this a possible technique that other areas of the food and beauty industries could collaborate on? For instance, could other discarded raw materials from the food industry provide sustainable resources for the personal care market?

Lydia Mondavi: Restaurants are now using grape seed oil for many cooking applications, and some restaurants are recycling even further and using the oils for fueling purposes.

GCI: How common are grapes as an ingredient in the beauty industry?

Lydia Mondavi: Grape seed extract has been researched by chemists and scientists as an antioxidant that is good for the skin in protecting against free radical damage for more than 26 years.

GCI: What other raw materials for the personal care market are harvested in the Napa Valley?

Lydia Mondavi: Olive Oil.

GCI: How would you explain your grape seed age protecting formula to a consumer? Is it a combination of grape seed extracts and other raw materials?

Lydia Mondavi: Yes. We use a combination of grape seed extract, grape seed oil and other fabulous ingredients, including sunscreen, to further protect the skin.

GCI: What tests did your company conduct to determine the right amount of grape seed extracts to add to each age protecting formula in your line?

Lydia Mondavi: Our lab chemists formulate each product with a different percentage, depending on the product.

GCI: Which areas of the face and body seem to benefit the most and react most positively to products made with grape seed extracts?

Lydia Mondavi: Grape seed extract protects from the environmental toxins and free radicals found in our everyday environment. We have found that using the grape seed is beneficial in all areas.