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Forecasting 2007: Colorful Inspiration

Posted: August 28, 2008, from the March 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Essie Cosmetics, Ltd. takes a seasonal approach to color forecasting and mixes it with gut instinct to produce its collections. “Colors are forecasted seasonally to coordinate with upcoming fashion trends,” said Essie Weingarten, president, Essie Cosmetics. “(The company) creates four color collections each year—spring, summer, fall and winter. It really comes down to trusting my instinct. I’ve been in business for over 25 years, and it has served me well so far.”

Contract Manufacturers Talk Color Forecasts

Brand owners and independent forecasting firms are not alone in gazing at the color-trend crystal ball. Among their wide range of services, many contract manufacturers also forecast colors—typically looking out 12 to 24 months. Although fashion is heavily weighted, these companies, too, study a broad range of industries, and social and lifestyle trends are also taken into account. COSi, in fact, unveiled two new concept product lines based on both color trends it identified for autumn/winter 2007–2008 and lifestyle/social trends.

COSi took inspiration for its new color concepts from the fabrics and styling that it expects to appear in mainstream fashion trends for 2007–2008, and the company’s Curator range focuses on socioeconomic trends, nostalgia and heritage, and mimics hard knits and felt textures. The color pallet concentrates on rustic, country shades, subdued metallics and ember reds associated with antique fabrics and linens. The Urban Angel range relies heavily on contrasts—focusing on heavy, dark eyes with natural lip color and vice versa. It features an industrial color pallet of raven, graphite and midnight shades that contrast with neon, electric blue and red patent high glosses.

“Our new concepts have been developed from extensive research into future global fashion trends,” said Bev Paddon, product development manager, COSi. “We are in the unique position to apply the color trend into our new product development. Each year we hold two series of color trend shows for global brand owners. It is our chance to share COSi’s knowledge of the marketplace with our audience and reinforce our reputation for innovation and quality.”

The concepts, which are currently base formulations in non-branded packaging, will be adapted to clients’ branded ranges for the coming seasons.

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