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Professional Cosmetics Go High Def

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: December 1, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

According to Michael Benjamin, president and CEO of Temptu—a professional, U.S.-based airbrush makeup and body art business that’s launching a new consumer line in 2009—people’s lives are ever-evolving in the digital realm.

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Companies such as Color Marketing Group create color forecasts up to three years in advance for fashion designers to adapt into their runway lines. In turn, cosmetic companies develop products with colors that coincide with the trends.

According to Sheila McKenna, founder of Kett Cosmetics, professional makeup artists often lead the way in testing these new colors before consumers can buy them. “Roque Cozzette, director of makeup

at Kett, works on the front line of fashion—testing our products alongside some of the best makeup artists in the world,” McKenna says. “This has been just one of the ways that we go forward with new formulas and colors.”

However, as much as makeup artists may respect fashion trends and color forecasts, their suggestions are not doctrine. For Mezhgan Hussainy—makeup artist for American Idol and founder of the start-up professional color cosmetics brand Me by Mezhgan—people’s skin tones, not trends, inspire her work. “For the most part, I started this line with colors that will look good on everybody,” she says. “Later on, we’ll look into more dramatic colors.”

Unlike consumer cosmetic brands that must reinvent their lines each season to reflect current fashion color trends, Marty Melik, owner and president of Mehron, Inc., says professional makeup brands do not always feel that same pressure. “We have some products that have been essential mainstays of loyal customers for decades,” he says.