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Professional Cosmetics Go High Def

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: December 1, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

According to Michael Benjamin, president and CEO of Temptu—a professional, U.S.-based airbrush makeup and body art business that’s launching a new consumer line in 2009—people’s lives are ever-evolving in the digital realm.

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Melik’s father, Mehron Melik, founded the company in a New York City theater district in 1927 to serve vaudeville and silent film performers. As a youngster in the 1950s, Marty remembers delivering packages of makeup supplies for his dad backstage to theaters, to the Metropolitan Opera and even to 24-hour drugstores. Staying within a set of parameters without going to many extremes has lent to the 81-year success of the brand. However, mainstays aside, adapting to the times has also kept companies such as Mehron afloat, and that includes reformulating products or inventing new ones, specifically for high-definition purposes.

High-Def SKUs

“Mehron’s Celebré Professional Cream Makeup color range avoids red undertones that can wreak havoc with the new, highly sensitive HD cameras,” says Melik. For the stage performer, on the other hand, Mehron has introduced L.I.P. (Luxurious Intense Pigment) Color Cream, a line of 24 high-pigmented lip colors, and is preparing for a 2009 launch of shimmery HD-ready pressed powders. In addition, Mehron has expanded its customer demographic to include clients involved in runway modeling, editorial fashion and special effects makeup, by offering AdGem, a non-latex based adhesive that will adhere jewels to the face and body.

A similar company, ADM Tronics, Inc., has provided its Pros-Aide line to makeup artists for more than 30 years, for use in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and on television shows such as CSI and Mad TV. Specializing in special effects, ADM is also widely used for body decorating, body painting and Halloween costumes.

“Pros-Aide skin adhesive gives long-lasting adhesion so that makeup appliances, skin decorations, beards and hair will remain adhered for long shoots and avoid the need for constant touch-ups,” says Andre’ DiMino, president, ADM Tronics, Inc. “Also, Pros-Aide No-Tack color base allows for the production of waterproof colors that will adhere to the skin and resist the perspiration and moisture that could ruin a makeup in a high-def scene.”

Other professional cosmetics brands such as Kryolan, headquartered in Berlin, specialize in products that camouflage skin discoloration, pimples and post surgical scars. “The Dermacolour line of products is meant for this purpose and can be used by professionals, as well as non-professionals,” says Dominic Cruz, Kryolan makeup artist, who recently helped launch the brand in U.S. salons and cosmetics boutiques.