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The Brilliance of Autumn

By: Abby Penning
Posted: October 5, 2009, from the October 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Additionally, a simple step can help cosmetics stay in place. “Makeup disappears as you wear it throughout the day,” Berry explains. “You can avoid this by simply applying a primer underneath foundation and eye shadow. It’s a quick, two-second step that helps the makeup last so much longer.” Kimberley Frey, creative director for Brush Up With Barbara and Mineral Mine, agrees, saying, “Foundation primer is a perfect way of prepping the skin for cosmetics. It helps so the makeup doesn’t grab, caking up in places. It just glides right on with a primer.”

Properly maintained, well-treated skin offers a healthy, vibrant aspect to any makeup look and, with an even, smooth complexion, the possibility to highlight certain colors and features on the face is even greater. Creating that beautiful base of flawless skin is always one of the most vital aspects of a good cosmetics look, but it is essential with this autumn’s focus on the skin.

Shining Eyes

The eyes are the facial feature where some of the boldest, brightest, most unique colors take the stage this fall. Serious base shades in brown, green and gray are lightened up with pretty pops of pinkish reds and bold purples for the eyelids, while deep shades of blue and indigo are offering a particularly powerful punch in the liner department. Berry comments, “There are a lot of earth tones, but they’re not the earth tones of several years ago, which were pretty dull. These have some vibrancy, even if they are a little more matte, especially on the eyes.”

Warm browns, earthy greens and yellow golds will help to ground the more vivid eye shadow hues, as will an enriched shade of gray. “The iron shade is a strong gray with undertones of brown. It’s very versatile and looks great against almost any skin tone,” Eiseman explains, noting that iron also matches well when mixed with little bursts of pinkish orange and dusty deep pink on the lids.

Another strong shadow shade—purple—also isn’t going anywhere, although it’s not quite the smoky hue from seasons past. “It is very practical that purple is sticking around because people can reuse the purple products they already own,” says Eiseman. “To make it look new, you can use it in different ways—contrast it with a lighter, brighter color, or wear it in a different way.”