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The Brilliance of Autumn

By: Abby Penning
Posted: October 5, 2009, from the October 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Those seeking a darker, smokier look don’t have to go far in this season’s cosmetics shades to find a little more edge. “Eye shadows for the fall include a sheer pink, a taupe nearly nude shade and a smoky, metallic gray. Metal and rich metallic shades are really big for the fall,” Campbell notes. Eiseman also sees a metallic sheen to the season, though she says she’s noticing golds, silvers, bronzes and coppers in more burnished, delustered states.

Eye liner—always a staple to help eyes stand out—is showing up in interesting colors this season, but there is one in particular that’s a must. Campbell explains, “A key color for fall this year is blue—it is the new black when it comes to the eyes. Using a blue eye liner on the inside rim of the eyes really helps them pop, opens up the eye and makes the whites of the eyes appear brighter.” Eiseman also sees the presence of blue in the season, saying, “It’s not too bright, more subdued, but it’s a classic spring color that is showing up in the fall, which really helps bridge the seasons and brings more versatility from the spring to the rest of the year.”

This autumn’s blue brings a little more moodiness than the traditional spring pastel tints, though. In fact, to create a bold evening look.

Multiple shadows and shades aren’t always necessary for a bold, sought-after eye, however. “You don’t have to have three separate eye shadows to get a three eye shadow-look,” says Berry. “With just one shadow, you can apply a base loosely with a large brush. Then, with the same color and using a small brush, you can create some contouring along the brow bone and in the crease. Next, you can wet that same shadow to use as a liner, applying it along the lash line with a very fine brush.”

Frey also suggests refreshing eyes after a long workday, saying, “A shadow or liner color’s intensity is really what changes from day to night in makeup. [An eye liner sealer] can help intensify the same color from a more work look to an evening one while still using the same shades.”

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