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Healthy, Colorful Beauty

By: Sara Mason
Posted: December 7, 2009, from the December 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

DermaQuest’s DermaMinerals features dermaxyl peptide to minimize the appearance of fine lines, and reflective and light-scattering mica-wrapped cotton fibers and boron nitride to help restore the skin’s luminosity.

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Treating the skin well while wearing makeup is a mainstream trend gaining momentum. The consumer’s hunger for beneficial and impactful ingredients is consistently increasing, as is the desire for products that address, promote and aid beauty from within. Product developers and marketers are listening, incorporating targeted active ingredients that can work synergistically with supplements to promote skin health. Marketing launches that are formulated with high concentrations of retinol, hyaluronic acid and peptides target consumer groups that believe in taking a preventive stance in skin defense rather than addressing the issues when they have already arrived.

Rather than masking imperfections, today’s foundation is being marketed as a necessary tool in the defense of skin health. Reflecting this idea is the rapid development in recent years of foundations that contain sunscreen, antioxidants and now antiaging benefits.

When Mode, positioned as “affordable luxury,” launched Natural Skin Mineral Powder Foundation, the brand formulated with cocoa to provide antioxidant properties and a naturally fragrant aroma. “Consumers immediately resonated with the product because of its unique benefits and properties,” says Cristina Samuels, co-creator. “The days of the generic cookie-cutter approach is history.” Mineral makeup, specifically, is getting increased attention as a foundation perceived to be healthy and natural.

DermaQuest’s new DermaMinerals, for example, combines coverage with therapeutic skin care. Marketed as an extension of its skin care line, DermaMinerals features dermaxyl peptide to minimize the appearance of fine lines, and its Archipelago Sea Minerals, a unique combination of 92 trace elements, to help hydrate and improve skin barrier function. The reflective and light-scattering properties of mica-wrapped cotton fibers and boron nitride, an oil-absorbing mineral, also help restore the skin’s luminosity.


High-performance antiaging beauty that is treatment-driven is carving out its own niche. The ANEW Duo—Line Smoothing Treatment and Loose Powder—for example, contains Avon’s proprietary 4D Wrinkle Reverse Technology, designed to minimize fine lines by protecting four key skin components that diminish with age: collagen, elastin, hydroproteins (glycosaminoglycans) and “shock-absorbing” proteins (proteoglycans). The patent-pending blend features apple root, fennel, hydrolyzed hibiscus, alfalfa and pomegranate extracts for, the company claims, instant and long-term results. Avon further claims expression lines will appear visibly smoother after four weeks of use.