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The Sun-kissed Look and Other Color Trends

By: Nancy McGuire, BASF BeautyCare Ingredients
Posted: December 9, 2009, from the December 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

Research and development in color cosmetics is always on a fast pace, matching technological innovations and global consumer needs in a changing world—and some exciting makeup trends are on the way. Products that will be formulated to meet these color trends will satisfy the demands of a multitude of consumer groups for makeup and beauty products, generally, that are fresh and innovative and represent today’s lifestyles. Consumers want to feel that the product is unique and multifunctional: made just for them.

This article will discuss these upcoming trends as they relate to color, texture and performance for a range of cosmetic products and how different looks can be achieved using a variety of effect pigment technologies. Effect pigments are translucent, as opposed to traditional colorants that can be more opaque and chalky on the skin. Effect pigment particles reflect light directly but transmit some light through to underlying particles where the light is then reflected again, giving an overall appearance of depth and dimensionality to face, skin, nails and hair. Effect pigments and skin are well-suited to work together. Skin is naturally translucent, luminous, and dimensional. Effect pigments can enhance the skin by providing additional radiance and translucent color tones, as well as color correcting properties.

The unique optical characteristics of effect pigments can help translate these future trend looks into color cosmetics and personal care products.

Trends are not just about color. A multitude of complex factors combine to tell a story and to evoke a mood. Textures, performance and shelf appeal also play an important role in the selection of cosmetic products by consumers.