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The Sun-kissed Look and Other Color Trends

By: Nancy McGuire, BASF BeautyCare Ingredients
Posted: December 9, 2009, from the December 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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So how are these upcoming color and textural trends translated into finished cosmetics? BASF, for example, looks at the key descriptions in each palette—glossy, luminous, sheer, and a host of other influences that provoke a look or a mood. This allows a determination of which effect pigment technology will enable the formulator to create cosmetics that bring these ideas to life.

Sun-kissed Beauty

“Sun-kissed beauty” is among the trends to consider, and luminosity and radiance are effects associated with this look. Floral colors such as light pinks and brighter crimson and coral shades lift the mood of the consumer. Tan and terra-cotta shades are also a part of this trend. Influences are derived from nature: sun and sand. The look of the skin after being outdoors in the sun, and healthy, glowing skin are all part of this trend direction.

Key descriptive words for this trend include: shimmering reflections, dewy, glossy, gel like, sheer luminescence, pure and delicate, translucent, luscious glow, barely tinged with color, powdery, coppery glow, radiant, cashmere feel, flushed looks, and earthy tan and terra-cotta tones that are graduated to pink, orange and copper.

The look of radiant, illuminated skin that gives the consumer a fresh, natural look, can be accomplished by using medium particle size interference pigments in skin-enhancing shades of red and gold pigments such as BASF’s Flamenco effect pigments. Pigments such as these, when used in foundations for the face, and creams and lotions for the body, are designed to impart a pure, healthy and young look to skin.

When these iridescent orange and red colors are combined with a medium particle size range synthetic mica-based white pearl that has an extremely white color, the overall look in cosmetic products is one of sheer coverage with a hint of glowing color. The color is clean and feminine.