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A Rich Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: September 21, 2007

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Allowing the rich, elegant shades of the mouth and eyes to provide their best and brightest color this season, the complexion is being downplayed for the autumn look. “In the fall, people have lost some color, some of their tan, so a bit more can be added to the face through makeup,” says Eiseman.

A paler, softer, barely blushing complexion is best in letting the darker shades of the face pop. “With more color on the eyes and lips, cheeks should be kept more neutral, yet coordinated with undertones to the eyes and cheeks,” says Wiebelt.

The simple, unadorned complexion helps gives a sculptural, translucent quality, resulting in sophistication and grace. To create this look, only simple shades of very light blush in warm golds and soft pinks with silvery sheens should be applied to the cheekbones for height and definition. A reflective powder can be added along highlight points, such as the cheekbones, to provide a luminous quality.

For a more attention-grabbing cheek color, the cooler weather can also inspire a rich, flushed look. In an application with more neutral shades on the eyes and mouth, a blush in a sangria hue, creamy rose or brickish russet can be dabbed onto the apples of the cheeks and swept back toward the temples for a fresh-from-the-outdoors appearance. However, an easy touch is recommended.

Redleaf suggests using the pad of the ring finger for a light, fine application, and Taubman-Walker says, “Cheeks should be understated. Complexion is going back to a matte look—soft, pretty, natural.” Blush should primarily be used to give definition.