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May 13, 2016 | 04:06 PM CDT

Cosmoprof Selects FTL Moda NYFW for Make Up Room

The Make Up Room

FTL Moda NYFW will produce the two-day presentations for Cosmopack NY. They will highlight the connection between beauty products and the makeup artists working backstage from runways to top prints.

May 10, 2016 | 12:44 PM CDT

‘Second Skin’ Delivers Potential Fountain of Youth

MIT Second Skin

Scientists have created nearly invisible silicone membrane that can reduce wrinkles, hydrate the skin, treat skin conditions and apply sunscreen.

May 06, 2016 | 02:10 PM CDT

Here’s a Tip: Exfoliate your Lip

Lip Revival Lip Scrub

Beauty For Real’s Lip Revival Lip Scrub leaves lips feeling soft and tasting delicious. This sweet scrub exfoliates and hydrates lips, leaving a moisturized after-feel.

May 06, 2016 | 02:00 PM CDT

Pencil in Time to Shade Lips

D-FINE Lip Pencil

Beauty For Real’s D-FINE Lip Pencil complements lip creams, glosses and colors for natural or pigmented looks, which last. The pencil was designed for convenience and only needs to be rotated to extend, working with any skin tone.

Apr 20, 2016 | 12:38 PM CDT

ANGUS Announces Amino Alcohols

Woman with hair and makeup focus

Skin care, hair care and personal care, oh my! Throw in cosmetics and the outcome is ANGUS Chemical Company's newest amino alcohols, which were introduced at in-cosmetics Paris.

Apr 13, 2016 | 01:09 PM CDT

in-cosmetics Awards the Best Innovations of 2016

in-cos innovation award winners 2016

Following the first two days of intense marketing and networking at in-cosmetics 2016, the much anticipated award winners from the Innovation Zone were announced.

Mar 20, 2016 | 01:48 PM CDT

Retinaldehyde Pairings and Trojan Horses: Expanded Edition

By: David Peter, John Stanek and Melinda Wochner, …

Old and irritated? No one wants these skin conditions (much less the personality). Consider retinaldehyde, a less-irritating, cost-effective and formulating-friendly alternative to retinoic acid for an array of skin care treatments. In relation, new topical delivery systems,such as retinaldehyde γ-cyclodextrin complex, can stabilize the active in formulations.

Mar 17, 2016 | 04:10 PM CDT

Brow to be Wild


WUNDER2’s WUNDERBROW helps shape eyebrows and reduce hair loss, in addition to hiding gray hairs and creating a natural appearance.

Mar 16, 2016 | 04:29 PM CDT

Bronzer Boosts Anti-Aging

Instant Face Bronzer

Selfie Tan’n Go Instant Face Bronzer helps with firming and toning, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Mar 16, 2016 | 08:55 AM CDT

Estée Lauder and Kendall Jenner Co-curates New Beauty Line

Estee Lauder and Kendall Jenner

Estée Lauder reinvents itself for social media-obsessed consumers by launching 82 skin care and makeup products specifically for camera-ready looks.