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Expressing the Future Face of Beauty

By: Jonathan Ford
Posted: October 18, 2013, from the November 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Basically, consumers have started to define—and redefine—themselves as individuals and are looking for ways to optimize this and its outward expression. It will fall to brands to meet these needs and desires. But how do we innovate, create and design for this?

A New Framework for Beauty

As part of Pearlfisher's Body Mode study, we too have imagined how the future beauty consumer might look and function. And, as a result, we have designed Frame, a new beauty concept that allows us to explore the ultimate in personalized creativity and find a perfectly matched solution for our individual beauty desires and needs.

Frame allows you to scan the vast online world for makeup inspiration and then match your unique facial profile to create your physical ID. After transforming your inspiration into a complete new look, it acts as an on-hand makeup artist to achieve a professional finish through layers of perfectly applied product.

A Future Expression of Beauty

Frame may seem futuristic in look and delivery, but it could soon be a reality. It uses technology that is already in existence brought together to create one streamlined process. It completes the journey of change from exploration to perfect finish and perfectly taps into the need for personal customization.

The future face of the beauty consumer is about individuality, experimentation, creativity and self-expression. This presents a new, exciting and challenging opportunity for beauty brands to find new ways to meet their individual needs and desires. But it is with a combination of design thinking and innovation that we will see the real difference—the real change.

Jonathan Ford is founding partner and chief creative officer at Pearlfisher.