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Selfie Culture Has More Women Seeking to Look Good for Impromptu Photos

Posted: December 19, 2013

Primp, pose, snap … delete? Although it was named word of the year in 2013, Canadian women are not sharing their selfies as often as one might expect. According to a recent CoverGirl survey of Canadian female smartphone users aged 18–49, 59% take two to four pics before landing on one that is share-worthy, and only 13% are actually posting their selfie as their primary profile picture.

Almost half (45%) of women surveyed say that they have, or would, allow a photo to be taken but then would avoid sharing it online. In fact, 28% are actually opting to include someone or something else in their profile pictures, and 19% used a group shot to divert the spotlight.

“Our lives today are documented on screens. From a selfie to the red carpet, all women want to be prepared to transition beautifully from the real to the virtual world,” says Amelie Ducharme, CoverGirl Canada makeup pro. “CoverGirl wants to give women the tools needed to feel on-screen ready, taking the selfie to the next level and turning it into a #covermoment.”

Ducharme explains that a #covermoment is when a person feels their most beautiful and empowered and wants to share the experience with the world. It celebrates the uniqueness in everyone and showcases the times in life when someone feels their most confident, independent and authentic.

And while 45% of women surveyed wish they could have professional stylists to help them with their hair and makeup to get that perfect shot, Ducharme believes women can rock a #covermoment with a few simple tips:

Additionally findings from the CoverGirl survey of Canadian women, which took place from November 25to November 27, 2013, online among 1,014 randomly selected Canadian women aged 18–49 who own a smartphone and who are Angus Reid Forum panelists, include: