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The Future Of Beauty: The Future of Fragrance

By: Shiri Sarfati, Lisa Negrelli, Jessica Wolfe, Monika Ziobro
Posted: November 11, 2010
MPS degree program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management at FIT

Future of Fragrance: (from left) Shiri Safati (Repechage), Monika Ziobro (Coty Prestige), Rochelle Bloom (The Fragrance Foundation), Jessica Wolfe (Symrise Inc.), Lisa Negrelli (International Flavors and Fragrances).

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In 2020, this consumer will have the most buying power of any generation.

Molecules: This new generation is technology-driven. New tech scents will offer safe alternatives to ingredients that are regulated and will appeal to this new generation. New molecules will offer olfactory stability, substantivity and an expanding palette of ingredient materials for perfumers.

Just as the food industry is touting molecular gastronomy, the fragrance industry should publicize the advancements in tech scents as “eau molecules.” The word “synthetic” currently utilized in the fragrance industry has a negative connotation to the consumer and does not fairly describe the science behind these ingredients. By promoting molecules, the industry can move beyond the negativism the word “synthetic” brings to the industry.

Eau Space

Specialty stores are taking the lead in making shopping more exciting, providing a place where consumers can explore, discover and relax—a true destination. Other retailers are following suit and making major renovations to their cosmetic departments. But there is still not much change happening at the fragrance counter.

Today’s retail environment for prestige fragrances is unexciting. Consumers are confused, daunted by the abundance of brands and aggressive sales people armed with spritzers and scent strips. The industry must create a space that is dedicated to fragrance, where the consumer can explore, try and experience fragrance. Like Disney’s $1 million renovation per store project underway, the time is now to take those risks and renovate the store experience.