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The Future Of Beauty: The Future of Fragrance

By: Shiri Sarfati, Lisa Negrelli, Jessica Wolfe, Monika Ziobro
Posted: November 11, 2010
MPS degree program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management at FIT

Future of Fragrance: (from left) Shiri Safati (Repechage), Monika Ziobro (Coty Prestige), Rochelle Bloom (The Fragrance Foundation), Jessica Wolfe (Symrise Inc.), Lisa Negrelli (International Flavors and Fragrances).

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Fragrance Pods: Fragrance pods will be another aspect of the store’s interactive space, where scent, light and music come together. Experiences that are tied to other senses make stronger, lasting connections for the consumer. Fragrance pods will allow the consumer to explore various scents in a dynamic sensorial experience.

Fragrance Escapes: Consumers will be able to book fragrance escapes to France, Morocco or Bulgaria to see how fragrance is made and connect with fragrance, much like the wine industry engages the consumers through vineyard tours. It is a unique way of engaging the consumer through travel experiences. Disney stores offer travel services to their theme parks in-store. Fragrance retailers could pursue the same strategy.

Workshops and Classes: Industries like wine and food are incorporating classes and workshops in order to teach consumers about certain wine regions or how to cook a healthy meal. Eau Space will incorporate fragrance workshops in-store and online. Consumers will be able to learn directly from a perfumer how a juice is inspired or find their perfect wedding day fragrance in a special class dedicated to newly engaged couples. Workshops and classes will be an integral part of one’s shopping experience and will enhance the consumer’s appreciation for the industry.

Eau Tech

2020 will be a year of innovative scent deliveries. People can already chat, email, download music and watch video through the Internet. Now, imagine being able to smell one’s boyfriend’s scent when receiving an email or smell one’s favorite restaurant while booking a table.

The sense of smell is directly connected to emotions. The power of scent makes content extremely compelling, offers a heightened sense of reality and intensifies emotions such as love or fear.