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A Sensory Journey: Fragrance in Branding

By: GCI Editors
Posted: May 23, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Silsby: The possibilities for fragrance are virtually endless. From new sampling vehicles to advances in fragrance formulation, Philosophy sees fragrance as a brand pillar and a perfect opportunity to begin more beautiful relationships with women everywhere.

Braden: In the retail space in which Tru Fragrance operates, fragrance continues to gain appreciation as an extension and interactive, sensory representation of a brand. We predict that retailers will continue to capitalize on fragrance as an opportunity to extend the emotional connection between consumers and the brands they love.

Fragrances are going to be self-promoting in many ways. Through the use of traditional efforts like scent cards and magazine inserts, fragrance will continue to connect brands directly with potential consumers. This is an easy way to offer consumers the opportunity to experience the fragrance, and therefore the brand, firsthand. What is also interesting is that non-fragrance companies and products are leveraging scent in their branding efforts. Tampons now have “fresh scents” in their commercials, and air fresheners have scratch-and-sniff labels to let consumers test out the scents in-store at retail.