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Collaborations and the Golden Rule

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: February 11, 2008, from the February 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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GCI: When Juicy Couture launched in 2006, how far out did you look? Was there a sense of how the product would fit with scent trends over a period of time? How does a marketer consider both the current market and tomorrow’s?

Marcy Fisher: When developing fragrances, we focus on brand identity and emotion—the scent needs to express the brand concept. Fragrance trends allow us to explore the brand concept in innovative ways by providing a comprehensive library of notes that help evoke these complex emotions.

GCI: Is the partnership role the supplier plays key to the long-term success of fragrances?

Judith Gross: Absolutely. When you look at some of the longstanding IFF successes on the fine fragrance market—you know, when I think of products such as Trésor by Lancôme, products like Aromatic Elixir, products like Beautiful by Estée Lauder, products like Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, products like Organza by Givenchy or Polo by Ralph Lauren or Aramis, or Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche—I’m really thinking of products that have created such a unique connection to consumers that however many fashion designers [play roles] in those brands, however many advertising campaigns, however many different changes in the bottle design even, consumers have consistently, year after year, renewed their vows and renewed their desire to stay emotionally connected to those fragrances. It’s not something that comes by chance. That emotional connection is not just generated by sheer intuition.

Of course intuition plays a very important part, and the fact that we have, at IFF, the most important [and] creative perfumerist team accounts for a huge proportion of that success, but the other reason is also the tool that IFF has constantly had the vision to build over the last 25 years, which leads us, today, to still being one of the major leaders in fine fragrance and to being able to deliver to our customers that expertise.