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Concepts of Opportunity

By: Steve Tanner, Arylessence
Posted: August 11, 2009, from the August 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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But by far the biggest factor in company leadership is our people and the way we encourage people to work.

The integration of perfume creators, evaluators and scientists is a long-established industry norm. In today’s world, we need more. Today’s fragrance team must include marketing experts who know consumer trends and how to compete in the marketplace; quality control and certification professionals who protect raw materials and ensure we comply with industry requirements; plus regulatory experts who are fully aware—and informed—about global rules that are changing constantly.

These experts are involved in every aspect of our work, and work together, in real time, on all projects.

Building teams that work this way is something we have achieved through planning, training and recruitment. We made the decision to expand leadership throughout our organization more than a decade ago. Recently, we added new capability and new executive leadership. Our clients take advantage of this evolution, and they have thanked us. This is where teams deliver. With strong teams, we have a resource that is always client-focused and accountable. Involving key individuals in leadership and decision-making not only makes these teams stronger and self-reliant, but also generates positive momentum, improves business outcomes and creates extraordinary efficiencies.

Looking at our expansion throughout the past five years, I know that perfecting our internal structures and encouraging multiple team relationships has dramatically grown our company and our business.

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