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Concepts of Opportunity

By: Steve Tanner, Arylessence
Posted: August 11, 2009, from the August 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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On virtually any issue that arises, we can trust in the power of scientifically valid data; proven perspectives based on years of experience; best practices that reflect the integrity of our industry; as well as definitive research conducted throughout the years by independent scientists. But this knowledge must continue to be gathered and shared.

That is why FMA, IFRA and RIFM demand our support. To benefit from what our industry achieves—but without financially supporting our initiatives—is somewhat unfair. We are all involved. Customer-focused companies and their leaders all must engage in addressing these issues.

Again, everything we do is about our ability to serve our clients. If we are successful for our clients, we have achieved total success. That is what my job is about. That is what leadership means to me.

Steve Tanner is the president of Arylessence. Unlike some of his peers in the fragrance industry, his career did not begin in a fragrance laboratory or in the R&D department of a beauty and cosmetics manufacturer—his first leadership role was as an officer in the U.S. Army. “The Army is very good at giving young people leadership responsibility,” says Tanner. “What they need from you is technical and tactical proficiency. If you understand the critical details of the situation and have a vision of what to do next, the Army is confident your training will help you lead your people.” Taking over the Arylessence helm from his late brother and company founder Lee Tanner, Steve has employed his leadership skills to build the Atlanta-based firm into a serious fragrance player with a creative reputation, marketing expertise and a diverse client base. He also plays a significant role in industry affairs—serving on the boards of FMA, IFRA, RIFM and CSPA.