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Clear Design Inspiration

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 5, 2007, from the September 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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We are now able to push the boundaries to create a real polysensual experience with the materials we can use. By combining different materials, we are able to create entirely new tactile experiences that were never before possible. The choice of a precise material can be crucial for expressing the values of a brand—for example, using wood in place of polymer or metal clearly sends a message to the consumer.

Budgeting constraints can have a real impact on material selection, which of course a designer must take into consideration. We will always try to propose budget appropriate materials and techniques in order to accurately respond to the brief, and eventually facilitate product placement and distribution as specified by the client.

Davide Nicosia: We consider materials from the very start of the project. It always has a large impact on design. We strive to use materials authentically. Metal is cold to the touch and plastic tends to be warm. We avoid using one material to look like another. If this is a constraint, we minimize the use of that in the design. We keep in mind the qualitative character of the material, and, through its use, we ensure that the end result feels (like) as high a quality (product) as possible.

The challenge of constraints is what makes each project exciting. One of the most difficult things to design is something with absolutely no constraints. If there were no constraints, we would be sculptors. We need those parameters. It pushes us to think, to be efficient, consider the environmental impacts or cost and manufacturing. It helps us focus on the target audience.

What is the current direction in fragrance bottle design?
Denis Boudard: Of course most people would focus on the increasingly popular green trend. I do see this as being an important trend, as younger generations are more and more concerned about the environment and how our actions affect it.
Something I see as being not a trend but a movement is creating an emotional connection. Purchasing a fragrance is something that is very emotional. Using one is even more so. A true connection is made between a consumer and their fragrance. Using a fragrance is a very hedonistic experience and something that people truly cherish. By focusing on the emotions connected to perfume use, brands will be able to better communicate with their customers and, in turn, create an emotional bond with them, thus ensuring them as customers for life.