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From Global to Local and Back Again

By: Cara Eaton, Christophen Toumit and Regan Tillou
Posted: April 27, 2012, from the May 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In addition to these expressions of control, protection and prevention are aspects where the consumer is exerting control over her environment by preventing the damaging effects of the sun or other environmental factors, such as pollution. There are many concepts that show this in the marketplace, from UV protection sprays and creams to examples like the detoxifying shampoo. A prototype of a moisture control combing cream, which assists in reducing hair volume and controlling frizz, was developed in response to hair needs in Latin America, as well as improving the healthy appearance of the hair by improving shine and creating a smooth look. 


As consumers are living longer and longer, anti-aging treatments are a trend that seems to be here to stay. This now extends beyond preserving the youthful appearance of the skin as aging is known to affect the hair as well. As we age, the hair becomes more brittle, less dense, more porous, drier and less shiny—all this is in addition to graying. In a study on how hair changes with age, hair fibers were collected from 81 Japanese men, ranging in age from 2–91, and measured for thickness of hair fibers, strength and brittleness. It was shown that hair becomes thinner, weaker and more susceptible to damage.1  

A trend in hair loss prevention products from Asia and Latin America, which address the loss specifically due to age, is spreading globally, and formulas that provide a “moisturized” feeling to the hair, deliver shine, soothe the scalp and strengthen hair fibers to resist breakage address the brittleness and weakness common in aging hair. 

With regional trends now commonly growing into global trends, the consumer wants and needs in one market are very likely to become the consumer wants and needs in another. In addition, mega trends impact how and why consumers choose their beauty products. Formulations that address global needs and the consumer tendencies born of mega trends can both provide a catalyst for new product concepts and the key for effectively reaching growing consumer targets.


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