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The Hair Equation on the Shelf

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: August 3, 2007

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The New Hair Care Equation
as published in GCI magazine August 2007

Complementary to her article The New Hair Equation, Nancy Jeffries highlights products that demonstrate that consumers are showing an increased willingness to pay more for hair care products that address specific needs.

Shampoo, Styling and Vegan, Too
Jonathan Product introduced a collection of products to rid hair of frizz and flyaways, cleanse and control, and the products are 100% vegan. Called Weightless Smooth, the products expand the Jonathan Product line, and continue to maintain the key principles upon which the entire line was built. In addition to being 100% vegan, the products contain no alcohol, mineral oil, DEA or MEA. Like their predecessors, each of the Weightless Smooth products contain essential water (water that has been purified, de-ionized and botanically infused) as their base. Macadamia nut oil provides smoothing without the weight of heavier oils, butters soften and condition, while natural soy and rice proteins strengthen hair and improve manageability. 

The company's IB Shield Humidity Lock-out Shine Spray is designed to minimize frizz, lock out humidity and add shine while protecting both the hair and scalp from damaging environmental effects. With the proprietary Ionic Balance Technology at the base of these products, Jonathan Product is said to present the first luxury hair care product collection formulated with ionic crystals and mineral peptides. These are designed to address the key concerns of aging, damaged and lifeless hair. The products offer both UVA and UVB protection, and the are packaged as a fine mist aerosol using the Truspray Aerosol System, whose dispensing technology is said to reduce VOCs and provide more uses per bottle than traditional aerosol packaging.


Berries and Botanicals
Bain de Terre, which just re-launched a complete line of hair care products leveraging the company’s natural positioning, utilizes botanicals extracted from ethically harvested plants using only pure water, and is featuring a leaf logo and color-coding to visually distinguish the products in this 19-SKU line. The company's approach to botanicals as therapeutic treatments for the hair, which the company refers to as “botaniceuticals,” is integral to the line. For example, in addition to such specific treatment products that exfoliate and deeply penetrate hair to protect against external stresses while providing smoothing and restructuring benefits, the products emphasize the full spectrum benefits delivered by such botanicals as goji berry (antioxidant benefits), magnolia bark (protection from chemical aggressors), black currant (a source of vitamins) and wild jujube (for moisturization).