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Naturals & Cosmeceuticals at Mass

By: Stephanie Dishart, Pei Wong, Tanja Lindermeier, Evelyn Lu and Lindsay Novellano
Posted: August 26, 2011

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Together, naturals and cosmeceuticals represent the spectrum of beauty options global consumers need today as an integral facet of their wellness lifestyle. Yet they also represent the ultimate in consumer confusion and the need for awareness, education, and engagement. Today, consumers need solutions, not just in beauty, but in every category, so that consumers can live looking good, feeling good and doing better. Mass retail is the only place this can happen with its price democracy and all-encompassing assortment. In essence, its ubiquity represents a tremendous opportunity for positive impact. In conjunction, we must be realistic that most of the U.S. population would much rather wear toning shoes and drink a V8 than hit the gym or cut up celery. Wellness at mass needs to be easy, creating choice and saving time—the crux of convenience, the number one reason after price that consumers shop at mass.8 Through simple solutions in service, education, and merchandising, and through authentic connections, mass retail becomes the wellness authority.

Service Solutions

Every day, we are reminded that American health is declining. Over 63% of Americans are either obese or overweight.9& Diabetes and heart disease are national crises. A compounding factor is that health care costs are rising, and unaffordable to many Americans. In fact, 1 in 6 Americans do not have health insurance, and the average cost of a single doctor’s visit without health insurance can be well over $200.10 All the while, a large proportion of our population is aging, and in need of more regular health maintenance. Already, we see corporations stepping up to meet this national challenge.

At this year’s NACDS, P&G, no doubt inspired by the success of their “Lookfab Moments” pop-up boutiques, expanded their services from beauty and grooming into wellness. In the Wellness center, a dentist was on hand to measure plaque while a doctor consulted on visitors’ true heart age.11 Pharmacies are already evolving into mini health clinics to meet the demand for smart, simple, medical solutions. 76% of Americans shop the mass channel—more than any other channel.12 Therefore, this is where we have the greatest opportunity (and the largest square footage) to make the biggest impact. Beyond just providing convenience, mass retailers are in position to make a real impact on total family health and national consumer wellness.

The Wellness Center is a destination for smart, simple, services. It will take the mass concept of one-stop-shopping into one-stop-shopping-AND-services. To be a true destination for health and wellness, this center will take care of a consumer’s most common medical needs. In addition to prescription drugs, the health center will offer services such as flu and allergy shots, vaccinations, and diet and nutrition counseling.

If the consumer needs more information about his or her health condition, they can experience the total body diagnostic of the future. It will measure vitals, screen for deficiencies, and make recommendations for diet, supplements, and even skin care products. These results are stored online, so the consumer can track health progress on an ongoing basis. This is an opportunity to leverage the expertise of the pharmacy and health clinic to drive front-of-store sales while making a positive impact on overall consumer health.