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Naturals & Cosmeceuticals at Mass

By: Stephanie Dishart, Pei Wong, Tanja Lindermeier, Evelyn Lu and Lindsay Novellano
Posted: August 26, 2011

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Finally, the shopping cart can use a state of the art makeover. Introducing the Electronic Cart Companion. This updated shopping cart will feature a touch screen and a high tech product recognition system. As consumers shop and place items in the basket, facts about products, ingredients, and usage pop up on the shopping screen. This new shopping cart also checks off shopping lists and features a GPS guide to add in the ease of finding products. To entertain children sitting in the basket, the settings can be changed to feature games and movies.

Ensuring that consumers feel educated is critical to ensuring the success of mass as a wellness authority. After all, feeling smart, feels good, and shoppers that feel good are sure to return again and again.

Merchandising Solutions

A GPS for products is worthless if retailers cannot keep the consumer happy at the most important place of all—the shelf. In 2010, about 30% of women surveyed found it confusing to choose a beauty product.15 In fact, according to WSL, with the burgeoning market for private-label brands, 14% of consumers bought store brands by mistake.16 Mass retailers and brands have to better segment the beauty section at the shelf without confusing or overwhelming the consumer.

Time is often the difference between a good day and an exhausting one. For consumers who simply need more time in the day, the Wellness Zipline. Designed to get consumers in and out, this area of the store is organized by non-browsing categories with top-selling SKUs. As a result, consumers can quickly complete their shopping lists for everyday essentials like prescription pickups, milk, and toilet paper. The Zipline can also be expanded to an urban model. Like a corner convenience store, mass retailers can truly reach the urban consumer, stocking the same top-selling SKUs and offering the same discounts without the big city inflation. Additionally, the Zipline could also be a potential housing for private-label brands.

On the main floor, beauty products need to be better distinguished and should be categorized according to the regimen consumers follow at home. This would not only help consumers filter products but educate them on how to use the product as a regimen from the first steps of exfoliating and cleansing to the last steps of what type of sunscreen they should be wearing.