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Naturals & Cosmeceuticals at Mass

By: Stephanie Dishart, Pei Wong, Tanja Lindermeier, Evelyn Lu and Lindsay Novellano
Posted: August 26, 2011

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Instead of right and wrong, eco, natural, green, or cosmeceutical, wellness is about conscious consumption and the role products play in your life. “Is Tom's of Maine toothpaste really green if consumers leave the water running while they brush their teeth? Is an Energy Star-rated light bulb really green if it remains on after everyone leaves the room?25 It is about the choices we make to live looking good, feeling good and doing better.

Introducing Swellness:  Integrated and simple wellness solutions in service, education, merchandising and connections. This concept leverages serious sustainability, health and societal issues with a positive twist for an all-encompassing destination to help eco-conscious, sophisticated and every-day consumers alike “Live a Swell Life”. Through Swellness, mass retail becomes the consumers’ wellness authority. By offering the consumer experiences, helping them to reach their goals and by saving them time, their experience online or in-store leaves them transformed. A perfect fit with beauty, Swellness brings back the feel-good power of the lipstick factor that we have lost. With an integrated approach, mass retailers gain incremental sales and magnetic loyalty.

Swellness is not naïve of the mass environment Instead, it utilizes its power, addressing serious issues with the potential to make a difference in the lives of millions. It has the power to do even more. In mid March, Ad Age called $400 billion-plus Wal-Mart the “biggest and most vigorous of a new breed of private-sector regulators”. With government-like mandates Wal-Mart and their obliged suppliers will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, invest in the community, reduce sodium by 25% and trans-fatty acids by 100% by 2015 among other impressive goals.26 In 1996, Target walked away from cigarettes27. Can you imagine if all mass retail followed suit? This may not be too far away and the impact would be epic.

In conclusion, mass retail is powerful and today through simple solutions for wellness it becomes the Swellness authority.


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