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Defining the Future of Naturals

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: March 5, 2008, from the March 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Achille Riviello: drom is a German company—a Bavarian company—and we recognise the advantages of local upstream partnerships. Many Bavarian farmers have long traditions in organic farming, and the comparatively mild climate of the region lends itself to the cultivation of many different types of plants, including those usually found in the Mediterranean lands.

What’s the growth potential, in your opinion, for the naturals and organics cosmetics and personal care markets in the next few years, both domestically and globally?
Curt Valva:
I see no end to the upwards trend. Double-digit increases will continue into the foreseeable future. With the rise in illness, pollution, global warming trends and so on, we all understand that something must be done. What better way to start than with what we put directly on our bodies?

Mike Indursky: The natural personal care market is predicted to double in size and household penetration by 2012. This growth is fueled by two trends towards inner well-being and outer well-being (environmental sustainability), impacting consumer decisions from the foods they eat to the personal care products they use, and choosing natural products is
a clear solution.

Carina Menzies: We anticipate that the vast majority of broadly consumed goods will have at least some percentage of organic components by 2015. The growth potential to make this a historical footnote is enormous, and this is because everyone’s eyes appear to be open.

Achille Riviello: It used to be just niche brands, but now you can find organic products even in private labels .. The American organic personal care market grew to $350 million in 2006—an impressive 24% growth over the previous year!