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Defining the Future: Part Three in Our Ongoing Web Series

Posted: March 5, 2008

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Debbie Ludington: Our most popular products [are] our hand-stirred olive oil soaps. These are a staple of our product line and exhibit consistent growth year [after] year. Our customers write notes about how they solve their skin problems—dry skin, oily skin, eczema. They are made of food grade olive and coconut oil, and essential oils for fragrance and therapeutic benefits. They also feature natural herbs and spices for color and efficacy. Our second most consistent product line is our Farmhouse Home care items. Thought they aren’t a beauty item, you can’t over look the crossover into home fragrance that many beauty customers are looking for. These people want to be surrounded with healthy, fragrant and effective products not only for their skin, but also for their home care chores such as dish washing, laundry, etc.

Kayla Fioravanti: The Absolute Line of facial products is the most popular line of cosmetics we carry. It was created for women with maturing skin. It takes into account the hormonal changes women go through…. As a 40-year-old woman, this is the line I personally use, as well. I am constantly asked why my skin looks so good, and the answer is, “A whole lot of water consumption along with the Absolute Line.”

Ido Leffler: If we look at the U.S. market, we’ve found that people start off in the line by trying our hair and body care products. Then, once they fall in love, they move into the face products. I’d say our C through the Dry Spell Body Butter and the C Loves Your Hair Shampoo are global favorites.

Nick Koutsianas: I would say our sales are balanced across product categories—hair, skin and body. We are, however, leaders in shampoos—selling over 600,000 bottles a year, with a market share close to 40% in Greek pharmacies. Our express range of masks in practical one-dose sachets has been another great seller. Personally, I am using our mastic toothpaste, chamomile and honey shampoo and various shower gels; these are products I first made in my small lab in the pharmacy, and I still feel attached to them somehow.

GCI: How does your brand differentiate itself from other similar natural or organic brands?

Sharon Christie: Aromafloria is a luxury natural wellness brand. We’ve been in the movement since back when it started as the herbal movement, which became natural, which became organic…. We’ve always been about wellness. I was always about good health and preventative health care. (I have a master’s in olfactory science)…. We have always been benefit-driven—not really the “flavor of the month.” As an herbalist, I have always been mindful of mother earth and her precious resources…. Twenty-three years of brand sustainability is “it” for Aromafloria.

Curt Valva: We have been producing natural products for over 40 years. We grew up in the natural products arena and helped to found the industry in America.

Mike Indursky: Burt’s Bees is leading category growth and differentiating itself by focusing on the responsibilities that come with its leadership. The key responsibility we have is to educate consumers on what natural is and is not, so they can make the most informed decisions to maximize their well-being.

Achille Riviello: We have been developing the pureganic line since 1995. We foresaw the American and European organic and bio-movement rising from the ’90s back-to-nature movement (following the ’80s excess), and Europe’s deep-rooted traditions meshed perfectly with this trend. The time was right for such an idea, and we brought it to fruition with the cooperation of the Bavarian Research Center of Agriculture and the University of Munich.

Carina Menzies: We keep our overhead low, we pass on our margins to the consumer and we strive for better quality products. If you want to pay for the overhead and executive vacations with the additional $10 you pay per foundation, for example, then we’re simply not your company. It’s about living our promise and not getting fat from it.