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Defining the Future: Part Three in Our Ongoing Web Series

Posted: March 5, 2008

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Laura Setzfand: Nature’s Gate was founded in the early seventies by two brothers who collected rainwater by hand, mixed it with the herbs from their herb shop and created the first Nature’s Gate Rainwater Shampoo. This humble beginning continues to inspire us to develop effective, safe personal care products based on the purest natural and sustainable harvested ingredients. Nature’s Gate has a broad portfolio of natural products, and is the No. 1 ranked hair care brand in the natural category, with leadership positions in oral, sun, body lotion and liquid soap. Nature’s Gate is one of the only brands to have created and introduced a range of USDA Certified Organic Body Lotions, delivering the optimal in product purity. This range uses only food grade certified organic ingredients, many of which are locally grown on land dedicated exclusively to growing the Nature’s Gate Certified Organic Plant Extracts.

Bernard Guerra: Our strategy has been to offer natural products at a price the increasingly stretched consumer can afford. We also offer a travel experience with our Discover the World line—to Greece with olive oil-based products, to France with French lavender-based products, to India with ginger and spice-based products and to Brazil with cocoa and Amazonian plant-based products. Our Brazil line [was] launched at the NY International Gift Fair. The plants used in our Plants of the Earth line are chosen for the benefits they provide to the user.

Nick Koutsianas: Our philosophy is based on the holistic approach inspired by ancient Greece and Hippocrates, in particular, who taught that “nature is the most dominant ruler of all” and that “prevention is better than the cure.” When we started out in the ’70s—and back then, natural products were not trendy at all—we wanted to offer effective solutions with no side effects. Being a pharmacist and a bee-keeper, I was inspired by Hippocrates, the herbs of my country and the bee community to create the first products. Our plant extracts have proven effectiveness, and we use mainly plants grown in Greece with high biological value due to the country’s low pollution and abundant sunshine. Greece is blessed with one of the richest floras in the world—over 5,000 plants—as it was not affected by the Ice Age. In addition, we take advantage of nature’s most amazing laboratory—the bee-hive—and bee products such as propolis, royal jelly, honey, beeswax and bee pollen to create problem-solving products that deliver results. We were the first company in Greece, and certainly one of the first brands worldwide to offer personal, bespoke cosmetics back in 1990. This is an area of growth that we are looking to explore further in the years to come. Our R&D team is yet another point of differentiation, as most of our research is done in-house; we have developed over 50,000 formulas in the past 30 years and produce over 12 tons of extracts per year—still the only company in Greece to do so in-house.

GCI: Other than online, where are your products sold?

Sharon Christie: Canyon Ranch, Coldwater Creek, Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS, destination spas….

Curt Valva: Our products are found at most health food stores, health markets and better health chains throughout the country and around the world.

Carina Menzies: Everyday Minerals and our upcoming ancillary brands will always be primarily Internet based. This allows us the broadest reach worldwide.

Angella Green: JASON Natural Products are available in natural/health food stores and nutrition centers almost world wide in the United States, Canada, U.K., Philippines, New Zealand, Russia and Norway, to name a few.

Steve Byckiewicz: Whole Foods, Wild Oats and small health food stores across the country.

Noah Bremen: Noah’s Naturals and Organics by Noah’s Naturals are available at select Wal-Mart stores nationwide, Longs Drug [and] leading college bookstores.

Debbie Ludington: We have several very active distribution channels. Our oldest, and most highly protected, is our network of boutique and specialty gift shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.