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Naturals Market Maintains Strong Global Growth

Posted: March 11, 2010

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Hair care is the fastest growing category in the United States, with new product innovation in shampoos, conditioners and even hair styling products boosting growth in this category. Manufacturers have struggled with limited availability of raw materials that produce the cleaning, lathering and shining qualities consumers are accustomed to with traditional synthetic surfactants and polymers, but recent advances are helping to drive gains in the category.

How Long Before Naturals Reach Critical Mass?

With overall growth in the naturals industry expected to average just over 12% through 2014, the trend will no doubt spark even more product innovation as marketers reformulate products to capitalize on consumers’ interest.

Most critical for marketers, however, is developing a thorough understanding of the nuances of each individual market. In Asia, for example, the long-standing tradition of ayurvedic and herbal remedies makes the naturals concept more familiar, but, as it turns out, most products available here are not all that natural after all. In the United States, consumer demand for naturals is growing, but so is the skepticism that should incite marketers to develop truly natural products that deliver more than marketing hype.

As the trend pushes forward during the next five years, Kline believes the industry is moving toward a critical mass of acceptance and demand. As marketers combine natural ingredients with overall sustainability practices that appeal to consumers, one wonders just how long this growing trend will continue before it becomes a way of life, and natural personal care products solidify their position as a stalwart in the industry.